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Area Unit Converter

- By Dr. Minas E. Lemonis, PhD - Updated: April 7, 2020

Enter the area and select the units to convert from and to:



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Characteristic areas

Select a unit:
FieldObjectArea in Remarks
EarthEarth's total surfaceinfo
Earth's water surfaceinfo
Earth's land surfaceinfo
Pacific oceaninfo
Atlantic oceaninfo
Arctic ocean sea ice (Sep. 1982)info
Arctic ocean sea ice (Sep. 2012)info
Sahara desertinfo
Amazon rainforestinfo
Biggest freshwater lake (Superior, Great Lakes)info
LifeSurface area of human lungsinfo
Body surface area (average men)info
Body surface area (average women)info
Cross-area of human hair (0.05mm diameter)info
Human red blood cell surfaceinfo
ConsructionLargest building floor area (New Century Global Center, China)info
Largest city-square (Xinghai Square, China)info
Largest building footprint (Aalsmeer Flower Auction, Netherlands)info
Forbidden City (Beijing, China)info
Great Pyramid of Giza footprintinfo
TechnologyBoeing 747-400 wing areainfo
An-225 Mriya wing areainfo
F16 wing areainfo
International Space Station solar cellsinfo
Sail area of a Finn class boatinfo
Sail area of the Cutty Sark clipperinfo
Sail area of the Preu�?en ship (largest ever)info
SpaceMoon's surfaceinfo
Sun's surfaceinfo
Jupiter surfaceinfo
Mercury surfaceinfo
Earth's orbital disc areainfo
Solar System disc (up to Kuiper belt)info
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Convert to all other units

Enter a value to the area field above, in order to see the results in this table.

SystemConvert to:Result
SISquare Nanometers [nm2]
Square Micrometers [μm2]
Square Millimeters [mm2]
Square Centimeters [cm2]
Square Meters [m2]
Hectares [ha]
Square Kilometers [km2]
ImperialSquare Mils [sq mil]
Square Inches [sq in]
Square Feet [sq ft]
Square Yards [sq yd]
Acres [ac]
Square Miles [sq mi]
Square Nautical Miles [sq NM]
AstronomicalSquare Parsecs [pc2]
Square Astronomical units [au2]
Square light seconds [ls2]
Square light years [ly2]
HistoricalAres [a]
Decares [daa]
Square Leagues (land) [sq leag]
Square Leagues (naut.) [sq naut. league(s)]
Square Metric leagues [sq metric league(s)]
Japanese tsubo [tsubo]
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Relationships between units of area

Select a unit:
SystemUnitArea in Info
SI1 Square Nanometer [nm2] =1 nm = 1x10-6 μm2 = 1x10-18 m2 [more...]
1 Square Micrometer [μm2] =1 μm = 1x10-6 mm2 = 1x10-12 m2 [more...]
1 Square Millimeter [mm2] =1 mm2 = 1x10-6 m2 [more...]
1 Square Centimeter [cm2] =1 cm2 = 100 mm2 = 0.0001 m2 [more...]
1 Square Meter [m2] =1 m2 = the area of a square whose sides have lengths of 1 meter. [more...]
1 Hectare [ha] =1 ha = 10000 m2 [more...]
1 Square Kilometer [km2] =1 km2 = 106 m2 [more...]
Imperial1 Square Mil [sq mil] =1 sq mil = 10-6 sq in = 0.00064516 mm2 [more...]
1 Square Inch [sq in] =1 sq in = 645.16 mm2 = 6.4516 cm2 [more...]
1 Square Foot [sq ft] =1 sq ft = 144 sq in = 0.09290304 m2 [more...]
1 Square Yard [sq yd] =1 yd = 9 sq ft = 1296 sq in ≈ 0.8361 m2 [more...]
1 Acre [ac] =1 ac = 43560 sq ft = 4840 sq yd ≈ 4046.9 m2 [more...]
1 Square Mile [sq mi] =1 sq mi = 640 acres ≈ 2.5900 km2 [more...]
1 Square Nautical Mile [sq NM] =1 sq NM = 3.429904 km2 [more...]
Astronomical1 Square Parsec [pc2] =1 sq. parsec ≈ 9.5214 x1026km2 ≈ 10.6378 sq. light years [more...]
1 Square Astronomical unit [au2] =1 sq. au ≈; 2.2380 x1016km2 [more...]
1 Square light second [ls2] =1 sq. light second ≈ 8.9876 10km2 [more...]
1 Square light year [ly2] =1 sq. light year ≈ 8.950525km2 ≈ 0.0940 sq. parsecs [more...]
Historical1 Are [a] =1 a = 100 m2 [more...]
1 Decare [daa] =1 daa = 10 ares = 1000 m2 [more...]
1 Square League (land) [sq leag] =1 sq. league = 9 sq. miles ≈ 23.310 km2 [more...]
1 Square League (naut.) [sq naut. league(s)] =1 sq. nautical league = 9 sq. naut. miles = 30.869 km2 [more...]
1 Square Metric league [sq metric league(s)] =1 sq. metric league = 16 km2 [more...]
1 Japanese tsubo [tsubo] =1 tsubo ≈ 35.58 sq ft ≈ 3.306 m2 [more...]
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