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About us

Thank you for using our site!

We are offering a collection of calculation tools related to math, geometry, mechanics and unit conversion. Our focus is to provide tools that are easy to use and robust for the solution of small problems. More than often, the handling of big problems depends on the identification of the small steps towards the solution, and the availability of appropriate tools for these steps determines the time it takes and the success of a project. Having that in mind, the design of our calculators always tries to offer configuration options, even for the less common variations of a particular problem. In fact, the more obscure variations have the higher potential to become a stumbling block when searching for a solution. Also, the output of a calculation may be presented in more than one formats, in an effort to be useful for as many use cases as possible.

Together with the main calculation tools, a rich content of support material is presented throughout our pages. This includes documentation about a problem, relevant images and drawings, references and secondary calculation tools. We feel that presenting only the result to a problem may be inadequate in most cases, if not dangerous. The followed procedure for the calculated result, any assumptions made, as well as practical applications are equally important, and we try to include them in our tools, following the presented results.

Most of the calculation tools have been designed and prepared by Dr. M.E. Lemonis, PhD. The tools are based on well established principles that can be easily found in handbooks widely available for each field. Testing the tools for errors remains a strong focus from the beginning.